Welcome to NTW Solutions

We bring a brand new concept to lease car schemes. Our scheme will be tailored to suit your business requirements, your employees happiness and our desire to deliver. This concept has been 25 years in the making and is based on best industry practice, innovation, passion and the latest technology.

Our aim is simple, to provide a class leading service whilst generating income and savings for employers and the most competitive and comprehensive package for your employees.

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Peace Of Mind

Your online privacy is paramount to us, we apply the highest levels of security and your data will be safe and secure at all times.

Why Us?

Our staff want a scheme that is inclusive to all and not selective. We want to deliver this.

Why NTW Solutions?


NTW Solutions was born out of the NHS but created by our desire to deliver a service and a scheme staff deserve. So many times we have encountered schemes that have been put into a Trust just to tick a box, without the Trust or drivers really benefiting from or understanding what they have. This has played massively into the hands of large private sector companies that have happily made millions of the back of this.

We are different

We are different because we understand. We understand the NHS and we understand the leasing industry. Significant savings, income generation and commercial advantages are all lost by the NHS to their providers.

Our desire

We want you to have a scheme that works for you and your employees, one that returns all of the savings to you both, one that lets your drivers choose between salary sacrifice and salary deduction without effecting savings.

We want you to know how much you are saving, how much your carbon footprint has reduced by, we want to provide you with management information so you can make key decisions easily, we want to work with you to market the scheme effectively and appropriately to maximise take up.

We want drivers to benefit from multiple leasing company's quoting for each and every quote in real time to ensure the quotes are the lowest out there. We want your drivers to have access to the car they desire without worrying about high insurance excess’s, restricted drivers and extortionate termination penalties.

How does your current scheme compare?

Drivers receive under mileage refunds Average Trust saving of £900 pa per vehicle Novation to another Trust without charge At least ten leasing companies quoting on every car No hidden administration fees Pay leasing company direct, so no mark ups Trust retains early termination fund surplus Guaranteed Courtesy Cars
Standard Insurance Excess £100 Young Drivers under 21 years at your discretion Fixed 3 year insurance available Full cost analysis for each order Early Termination fee based on annual rental not sacrifice Fully automated online authorisation True electronic interfacing for invoices, payroll and reports End of contract damage waiver

Call us now on 0191 2466884 or email info@ntwcars.co.uk to find out how you can benefit today!

Driver Services

Our Support to You

We want you to be excited about a new car and it's our job to ensure that we support you every step of the way. We will be your first point of contact and will help and guide you through the process of quoting, submitting an application and ordering a car. We will even hang around and be there for you during the contract, offering full peace of mind and the reassurance you deserve.

The scheme has been designed specifically to offer you the most competitive costs and highest levels of customer service. If this isn’t your cheapest option of having access to a brand new car we want to know!

So you're thinking about joining the lease car scheme?

With unlimited no obligation quotations and no credit checks or deposit required, why not have quotes today?

Simply click “quote me” at the top of the page to create a new account and start receiving quotes within minutes. The signup process is quick and easy and you can log back in at any time and quote until you find the right car at the right price.

All quotes are in real time and subject to your employers consent you can order any vehicle available within the UK. Once you have found the car you want you can submit your application online and we will take it from there, keeping you updated and supporting you every step of the way.

We provide both salary deduction and salary sacrifice quotes so you can choose which scheme best suits you.

Benefits of the Lease Car Scheme

- Brand new car of your choice and specification

- No deposit and no credit check

- Open to all permanent members of staff

- Large discounts over private schemes

- Scheme designed to support low income staff

What's included?

- Routine Maintenance and Servicing

- 24hr / 365 day Breakdown & Recovery Service

- Fully Comprehensive Insurance for you and your partner

- Replacement Tyres

- Full Driver Support throughout Contract

- Accident Management and Accident Courtesy Vehicle

- Collection and Delivery Service

- Option to Purchase Vehicle at the end of the Contract

Once you have created an account, your will have access to “my page” this will be your personnel page throughout the process and will not only allow you to start quoting straight away, but will also contain lots of handy guides and scheme information to make sure you find the right car for the right price. It will also contain full details of the progress of your application if you decide to proceed.

Employee Services

All of our services are fully inclusive of our management fee and we will never charge you for any other services.

Don’t let others benefit from your savings and your drivers!

Most providers don’t charge a management fee because they believe this demonstrates a low cost solution. In reality this is completely false. If your provider isn’t charging a management fee, they are deriving their income from you in other ways. Some company's limit the savings you achieve on every car to be the same figure. This means they benefit from your savings for all cars which would have had higher savings and load the costs to the driver for cars that would have had lower savings. In some cases this is as much as £1000 per vehicle per annum!

Others provide the vehicles themselves which means their annual rentals will be higher than is achievable through our market testing. Higher rentals leads to higher driver costs, this will reduce the attractiveness of the scheme which in turn reduces your potential savings. If the company providing your vehicles is also managing your scheme, who will support your drivers if they have damage charges or disputes with the leasing company?

- Free no obligation consultancy on your existing arrangements - Choose from one of our innovative lease car schemes or let us design one bespoke for you and your staff - Full Scheme documentation including policies guides and contract addendums - Most efficient calculations to maximise savings - All savings retained by you and your employee - Complete cost breakdown of all calculations to help with financial management and budget controls - Dedicated Scheme manager for one point of contact - Tailored management information including KPI’s - Complete marketing solutions and ongoing programmes - Fully managed service so you only need to be involved as much as you want to be - Complete online solution for all aspects of the scheme