Employer Services

All of our services are fully inclusive of our management fee and we will never charge you for any other services.

Don’t let others benefit from your savings and your drivers!

Most providers don’t charge a management fee because they believe this demonstrates a low cost solution. In reality this is completely false. If your provider isn’t charging a management fee, they are deriving their income from you in other ways. Some company's limit the savings you achieve on every car to be the same figure. This means they benefit from your savings for all cars which would have had higher savings and load the costs to the driver for cars that would have had lower savings. In some cases this is as much as £1000 per vehicle per annum!

Others provide the vehicles themselves which means their annual rentals will be higher than is achievable through our market testing. Higher rentals leads to higher driver costs, this will reduce the attractiveness of the scheme which in turn reduces your potential savings. If the company providing your vehicles is also managing your scheme, who will support your drivers if they have damage charges or disputes with the leasing company?

- Free no obligation consultancy on your existing arrangements - Choose from one of our innovative lease car schemes or let us design one bespoke for you and your staff - Full Scheme documentation including policies guides and contract addendums - Most efficient calculations to maximise savings - All savings retained by you and your employee - Complete cost breakdown of all calculations to help with financial management and budget controls - Dedicated Scheme manager for one point of contact - Tailored management information including KPI’s - Complete marketing solutions and ongoing programmes - Fully managed service so you only need to be involved as much as you want to be - Complete online solution for all aspects of the scheme